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Saturday, July 8, 2017

5 MOST Mysterious PARANORMAL Events EVER Captured on Camera

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Top 10 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Alone

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

From H.E.L.L.: Three Girls Play with the Board

I’ve documented the experiences that my cousins and I had during that fateful summer with the Ouija board in a few posts beginning with Say "No" to Ouija, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Epilogue.

In this episode from SyFy’s series “Paranormal Witness” three young girls convince their parents to buy them a new game, an Ouija board.

Paranormal Witness, Season 5, Episode 3: From H.E.L.L.

One of the girls is bullied at school and turns to the board to cope. When she uses it alone, the planchette moves on its own. She asks for help when dealing with a bully to find out the next day that the other girl can no longer attend her school. Delighted, she uses the board alone again. The planchette (the heart-shaped pointer) moves on its own and lets her know that she has a friend. Talking to the board after school becomes routine. Soon odd goings-on begin to happen… One sister felt someone grabbing her; one sister hears indistinct chanting; and her father starts to change. Her family falls apart. When her parents throw the board away, she makes her own.

Looking back, my cousins and I stopped in the nick of time. We got spooked straight and were warned by family and strangers. To this day, I will not use it casually if at all. If you decide to give it a try, know that it is not a toy. It’s a powerful tool that can bring serious consequences in careless hands.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

“Paranormal Witness”, Season 5


Watch season 5 of “Paranormal Witness” here.

In the season’s first episode, follow the footsteps of Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, as she researches for a book she never publishes…

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wanting to Go Home

I drove home that early morning going over the events that had taken place within the past hour (“The Uninvited Passenger”). And, as Tina's story -- the ability, her history with her mother, the scent, the hairs standing on end at the back of my neck -- echoed in my head. I no longer felt scared, but I had a sense of validation that these phenomena existed. The further I got from Tina's, the more curious I became of her abilities. I wanted to know more.

In the next few days, Tina and I talked about her ability in detail and about the spirit that followed her. Tina had tried to ignore the spirit one day, and in retaliation, the spirit unleashed the most foul stench that lingered for days. It was the smell of death, of decomposition, of putrefaction. It was so bad that it didn't escape the noses of the people with whom she lived. They made an effort to search any small mammals that might have snuck into the house and had died hidden from view, but to no avail. Within a week, however, the spirit left as mysteriously as it came.

Tina confided in her boyfriend when they could not find the carcass of an animal in the house. She was reluctant at first because he'd shy away or get too scared when it came to ghosts. But, much to her surprise he was very accepting and very calm. He even tried to help her "appease" the spirit until it left on its own. It was fortunate for her to have such a supportive partner as more spirits began to notice her and follow her around. On one Sunday, Tina and her boyfriend found out how "attractive" she had become.

Tina and her boyfriend attended mass at St. Mark's a local cathedral located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district whose circular stained glass window can be seen from I-5 below when the spirit of a confused old woman approached Tina asking for help "to go home". According to the woman, she "woke up" to find her friends and family crying around her. She did not recognize her surroundings and didn't know how she arrived. Since that time, the woman's spirit remained in the church looking for help until Tina arrived. Tina offered to help and the woman followed them home. Tina was able to find out the woman's name, the area she lived in before dying and the day she died from an obituary she found on the Internet. True to her word, Tina drove to the woman's house and brought her home.

Years have passed since I last talked with Tina, but I can only imagine how her life had changed after those early hours that morning. I know that mine had been affect definitely. Although I don't "see" spirits the same way Tina did, a misplaced scent is the presence of the paranormal for me.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

A Final Goodbye

For years Albert rented a house where he never felt anything strange. One night he found out that a good friend wanted to bid him farewell on a few attempts…

After coming home from work in the evening one summer, Albert glimpsed at a black figure walking across the doorway opposite him. Oddly enough, he did not feel threatened. “There seemed to be some familiarity about it,” he said. He eventually convinced himself that it was because of the long day at work and that hunger induced this “hallucination”.

The following night, Albert entered the living room. To his horror, he saw the figure again. It was possibly the same that had visited him the night before, this time sitting in his recliner as if it waiting for him. While he watched, the figure stood up in front of the recliner and vanished.

On the following Sunday, Albert received a call from his sister in Mexico. She wanted to tell him that his close friend Alfred met his fate suddenly in a car accident the previous Friday.

It finally made sense!

The dark figure always felt familiar – It was Alonzo. Alonzo was trying to say his final “goodbye” before leaving the earthly plane.

Albert saw the figure one last time. But, instead of watching in horror, Albert talked to whom he knew was Alonzo one last time.

“I know it’s you my friend. My sister told me that you have passed. I’m sorry that I could not be there to say ‘goodbye’. Please, rest in peace.”

Since that incident, Albert had no further experiences with a the spirit of Alonzo or any other paranormal activity in his home.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ghost or Camera Anomaly

[Image: Daily Mail]

A viral video has been circulating on the net of what looks to be a “shadow person” during a soccer match.

On Thursday the 17th in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, the camera captures a shadowy figure run across the seating. When slowed down, the figure appears to have legs and strides across the screen with very little effort and amazing speed as it disappears in a group of spectators.

The anomaly can be explained, some say: It is a double exposure of a player on the field.

Yet, others have witnessed the shadow person and have claimed that it has influenced the outcome of games in the past.

What do you think?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ghost Haunts Country Store in NH

The Huffington Post spotlighted a country store in New Hampshire where there are reports of paranormal phenomena.

In the video, a glass object moves from the center of the counter to the edge and onto the floor… All on its own! Another example of activity in the store is a man whistling.

In a video clip from WMUR-TV Brian Cano, associated with the series Haunted Collector featuring John Zaffis, appears with psychic and medium Karen Tatro. Karen feels that the energy is centered around the area where the glass object fell.

The owners deny that it’s is a publicity stunt to drum up business. They claim that it is genuine paranormal activity. All they want is answers to the mysterious goings on.

Library of Most Controversial Files

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cursed Objects

I am a firm believer of energy. I believe that energy is never created nor destroyed and that it passes from one form to another.

I’m also a believer that objects can carry energy from previous owners as the following iO9 article shows: 7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist.

One of the items that is listed in the article is Annabelle, a raggedy Anne doll. According to the various stories I’ve read, the doll is the vessel for a demonic spirit that convinced her owners that it was the spirit of a young girl. Her owners tried many times to rid themselves of the doll for it to inexplicably reappear in their home. Sometimes it was accompanied with a note or writings on the wall!

The doll was eventually taken in by the famous paranormal couple, the Warrens, for display in their Occult Museum. During the drive to the Warren’s home, various unfortunate happenings occurred. One was a unexpected flat time. The doll is so cursed that ropes delineate a safe viewing distance.

I’ve heard of other stories of cursed objects. One that comes to mind is from a former friend who passed away a couple of years ago.

He and his boyfriend would visit estate sales on their days off. During one of their hunts they found a China set that belonged to a woman who had recently passed away. Her daughter eager to sell her house and her late mother’s belongings, sold the set for $300. When they arrived home, they put the box of China in another room to wait for another day to inspect the purchase.

That very night they heard the shuffling of plates in the room where they placed the box. Concerned that someone might have broken into their home, they walked in to see what was causing the noise to find that the plates were out of the box! For the next few nights they would hear the plates move and find them out. Luckily they were able to contact the daughter. She was leaving for a business trip in the next couple of days. They explained the nightly goings on and returned the China for a refund.

The late woman was so attached to the plates that she didn’t want anyone else to own them save for her daughter.

Word of advice: If you ever buy something that had a previous owner, “feel” it out first.

Monday, April 7, 2014

NBC Introduces the Aswang to the US

I have been following NBC’s weekly supernatural cop drama Grimm since it first aired a few years ago. I’ve even gotten a few friends watching along, too. But, being a Filipino, the episode “Mommy Dearest” has me addicted to the show even more.

Watch on Hulu here "Mommy Dearest".
NBC’s Grimm site “Mommy Dearest”.
After watching the first 10 minutes of the episode, a thought came to mind, “Aswang!”

If you’re not familiar with this creature, read my previous post "Aswang: Filipino Folklore".
After watching the episode and the following episode, it’s evident that Drew Wu, AKA Sergeant Wu will no longer be a peripheral character. His trauma of being attacked by an actual aswang has left scars and started an underlying arc: Is Wu in or out? We know he’ll be part of the “in” group. Only the writers of the show know at this point when or if that happens.
Reggie Lee grew up in Quezon City and plays Sergeant. Wu has submitted four creatures from Filipino mythical cosmology for potential “Wesen”.
But, like any show or Hollywood retelling, I do have some criticisms because there are some inconsistencies with what I know of the aswang.
First of all, Grimm makes it look like aswangs only take their first unborn grandchild. I thought that the aswang was an equal-opportunity ghoul. This leads into the next “deviation”. The first aswang we meet is the husband of the victim – He’s a man! I’ve always heard that aswang were female. The overall look is ghoulish, yes, but as I know that aswang are predominantly female, I was expecting a more feminine yet ghoulish look to the creature. And, maybe that’s why when the creature appeared, it didn’t click immediately until it began making it’s attack.
Despite my critique, I’m eager to find out what creature from Filipino mythology will have a story in Portland, OR, and how the writers will present it to US audiences.

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Popular Ghost Hunter Buys Known Haunted House

Zak Bagans of "Ghost Adventures" fame buys a house in Indiana known for being haunted by hundreds of spirits and demons. Full article.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cher, Haunted

I’ve watched almost if not all of the episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories. Some of the stories are from famous people that are well know and others that are less well known. Some of the stories I’ve watched were entire bores while many are ones I like watching over and over again. In the end, it goes to show that the paranormal touches people from all walks of life.
Nonetheless, one celebrity that I haven’t seen on the show is singer, song-write and actress Cher (born: Cherilyn Sarkisian).
Cher_-_CasablancaCher is said to be a “hard core believer”. When asked if she was afraid of ghosts on Reddit, she replied she believes that the ghost of her late ex-husband and former mayor of Palm Springs, CA, Sonny Bono, plays pranks on her.
“…Absolutely not!!! I love ghosts. I actually think that Sonny makes a light go on. I have a beautiful chandelier that he makes the light go on when it is impossible, there is no power on. I love ghosts, I prefer ghosts to some people…”
Since this story is out, I doubt that Celebrity Ghost Stories will have a feature of her encounters. But, then again, if she is a believer, I would assume that she has had previous encounters that would solidify her beliefs. These might be the one that the show could feature. Or, there could be another show, such as The Haunting of… that could take on Cher?
Regardless, I’d love to hear her stories.
The Examiner

Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Say “No!” to Ouija - Part 4

[The following story is a first-hand, cautionary account about the Ouija board and does not promote it’s casual use. It is NOT a game. It is NOT a toy. If you decide to use the board, please take spiritual precautions such as saying a prayer before use. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! All names are fictitious to protect the identities of those mentioned in the story.]

Within a few weeks of using the board, we had already noticed odd goings-around. We had contacted several spirits, but the one we happened to encounter the most was a Filipino nanny of sorts who we called “Ya-Ya”. We knew that just invoking her name brought us some sort of “bad luck”. My cousin who didn’t actively participate in our sessions came down with a case of sudden fatigue believed to have been brought on after seeing a shadow person. But, we weren’t expecting what was yet to come.El Camino

My Aunts Have an Accident

While we spent the after resting from berry picking, my aunt Pat and my aunt Lena went to downtown Port Orchard to do some window shopping at the local antique stores. They were gone longer than what was expected. Normally, they would run some errands, buy groceries and visit some of the antique shops in town, but it was unlike them to be gone until the evening.

We were surprised when my uncle received a call and ready to answer the flood of questions coming their way: Are you OK? What happened? Who did you hit? Where did it happen, etc.

Downtown Port Orchard is hilly. It was build on a slope that goes into the Sinclair Inlet, a branch of the Puget Sound. The buildings on the uphill side of Bay street were cut into the side of the slope, so many of the windows to the businesses appear to be lower than street level.
My aunt Pat parallel-parked her El Camino downhill on one of the side streets next to the antique shop she and my aunt Lena were planning on visiting. When they were ready to leave, Aunt Pat started the car and shifted the car in gear, but instead of backing uphill, the car lunged forward, jumped the curb and crashed through the store window below! It took several hours to remove the car and there was thousands of dollars of damage to the store.
My Aunt Lena never learned to drive and after this incident she refused to. She was skittish to even ride in a car for a few months afterward. To this day, Aunt Lena has never driven a car.

Aunt Lena Saw Something Strange

Aunt Pat assured us that it was not driver error. Aunt Lena, on other hand had an explanation: a shadow figure. Right before the car leapt over the curb she saw a shadowy, wispy figure appear and dash across the front of the car.

Aunt Lena was known to be very sensitive to the paranormal. After Thanksgiving dinner one year, she saw the full body apparition of my Aunt Pat’s late husband in a hallway mirror when no one did. Off and on she would tell us about seeing his apparition in the house. She saw the same older, bald man often although she had never met him in person. She only knew about him via pictures and descriptions from other family members. She saw him so solidly once that she mistook the apparition as a customer who wanted to buy a flat of raspberries. She also felt other spirits on my Aunt Pat’s property, but reported seeing my late uncle the most.

When we played with the board, we didn’t let Aunt Pat or Aunt Lena know what we were doing. Maybe they saw us use the board once or twice, but they never commented on it. It’s most likely that they had never heard of the thing and assumed we were playing a simple board game.

The Board Goes Back

Sobbing, my Aunt Lena’s eldest daughter, “Ate Beth”, yelled as us. She was scared and felt uneasy about the board or about what it could bring ever since we told her about what happened the first night we used it. All the while, she would hound us whenever we brought it out, but this time she was furious.

“Look at what you guys brought in! My mom and Tita Pat had an accident and mom thinks that the dark shadow she saw helped cause it! You guys better return that damned thing!!!”

I looked to the receipt for the board and on our next trip to the mall, we returned it to the store we bought it from.

Pat Robertson –“I would burn the house down and move on”

Pat Robertson, the host (and spiritual leader) of the 700 Club, is noted from the many things that he has said on his show about non-Christians as “termites” and about Islam, Hinduism, feminism, abortion and homosexuality. But, his suggestion to a viewer’s pleas for help on how to deal with a haunting in her home is relevant for a post.

“…I would burn the house down and move on…”

In the show’s online Q&A segment, a woman tells Pat of the goings-on in her home: voices, electronics turning off and on on their own, psi phenomenon and apparitions. She asks what to do. Pat laughs and suggests to burn the house down! Pat continues on stating his disbelief in spirits of people who have past and that the Bible does not support such, but he asserts the existence of disembodied spirits such as demons and angels. He goes on to assess that the home owner has demons, instead.

Oh, silly Pat! We don’t have a diamond mine so we can build another house. In the documentary, Mission Congo, it is claimed that the money for “Operation Blessing” was just a front to mine diamonds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Huffington Post: Pat Robertson Documentary 'Mission Congo' Reignites Diamond Mine Fraud Allegations)

I guess when I rebuild after burning my house down, it should have lots of bling.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Book an Investigation at a Lancaster, PA Mansion

My beautiful pictureAlthough the date of the introductory rate has passed, I’d like to take the opportunity to get some evidence. Several years ago EVP’s were recorded by the “Ghost Soldiers” team.


I wonder if it’s any more creepy around this time of year.

Do you want to know if you’ll get some tonight? Or, maybe just a peck on the cheek? Or, a hug? Is there any potential with that guy or girl that you had a date with?

How will that job interview go? Will you get the job? Do you want the job? Should you keep looking?

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Get insight into these and more questions now!

Get The YiJing Oracle to gain insight from the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, the Yi Jing (I Ching) all on your Android phone or device.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Their Cat Hisses at the Window

Saw this in my Facebook stream. It is a captioned image from The Meta Picture.
The caption is self-explanatory: A man takes a picture of the window that his cat is hissing at to find the ghostly image of a little girl once he uploaded the image onto his computer.
I doesn’t look like the image had been edited. But, I’m skeptical.
What are your thoughts?
A keen-eyed member of one the paranormal groups that I belong to on Facebook, has debunked the photo. He recognized the “little girl” from an iPhone app called “Ghosts Don’t Exist”.
Fakes like this are “fun”, but they hurt paranormal investigators’ genuine efforts.

I’ll keep in mind the images from the app that users can use when going over photos like the one above.
Thank you, R. Sumner!